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Case Study for bioRASI

BlueTreeDigital Increases Number of Leads by at Least 60% in Half the Time with Google AdWords Campaign

The Need:

bioRASI, an award-winning Clinical Research OptimizedTM (CRO) was formed to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies accelerate the process of bringing safe, effective and reliable therapies to market. Since 2002, bioRASI has focused on clinical trial optimization, using their bioRASI Process Infrastracture (BPI) to provide the most robust and innovative operating platform in the industry. They ensure that five key principles – quality, acceptance, time, service and cost – are optimized throughout every step of the BPI clinical development, a sophisticated strategy of processes that leads project teams from the initial clinical planning and design phase through the FDA regulatory agency submission.

The Strategy:

bioRASI needed to secure 10-12 viable clinical trial patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) within 12 weeks. Using BlueTreeDigital as a marketing partner, bioRASI hired experts in media buying as well as certified Google professionals who understand Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign metrics to help with their Google AdWords needs for less than the cost of a marketing manager employee. If optimized correctly, Google AdWords can be a fast-acting effective marketing channel in which bioRASI will reach potential trial patients when they are searching for trials. BlueTreeDigital recommended a robust Google AdWords campaign implementing new keywords and negative keywords. Negative keywords can be just as important as the other keywords as can help you reach the most interested customers, reduce your costs, and increase your return on investment (ROI). Marketers report that 72% of Google AdWords marketers plan to increase their Pay Per Click (PPC) budgets in 2014 since this type of online marketing is very successful at generating leads.1

The Results:

The definitive goal of the bioRASI AdWords Campaign was to drive traffic to their special research study landing page in order to meet their objective of finding 25 leads/qualified candidates to participate in their MS research study. Originally slated as a three-month campaign, the goal was achieved in half the time, only six weeks; therefore ending the campaign ahead of schedule and under budget. The total number of conversions from the campaign was at least 40, exceeding the required number of leads by at least 60%. Upon optimizing and implementing effective keywords and negative keywords, more qualified people visited the website; therefore, there were fewer clicks because BlueTreeDigital used their marketing expertise to eliminate a large amount of unqualified people and create a tight knit campaign.

bioRASI has since successfully moved ahead into Phase III MS clinical trials due to initial increased awareness of this trial through BlueTreeDigital’s Google AdWords campaign. This type of targeted campaign should continue to serve bioRASI’s needs to find leads or candidates for any future research studies.

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Paul Kerry
Paul Kerry
Jun 26, 2023
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